DIARY OF A LONELY MAN - [2014-2016]

The last written work by Edgar Allan Poe before his death in 1849 is unofficially titled “The Light-House”. He did not live to finish it and had barely written much by the time of his death.

The story is told as a series of diary entries, the first being New Year’s Day 1796, lasting up to January 4th, which was left blank. It is uncertain how the story would have ended, some speculated the character stands in for Poe himself who is expressing his own feelings of being alone and isolated, questioning his ability to survive. He was found in the streets of Baltimore delirious, penniless and unable to explain what was wrong with him. He died a couple of days after, exclaiming on his deathbed, “Lord, help my poor soul”.

This series focuses on the theme of isolation and solitude. Inspired by Poe’s writings, I plan to explore what could’ve been the continuation of his diary, the diary of a lonely man on a journey of self-exploration in nature.

A man longing for the unbounded and indefinable.

Photographs were shot on Kodak Tri-X film and printed on Ilford Silver Gelatin Paper with text written by Edgar Allan Poe, Cesare Pavese, H.P. Lovecraft and Victor Hugo.