[Diary Log]

13:00 A fear of turbulence 13:37 thought of the past, positioned in the future 15:22 I was told to drive through a sandstorm and never stop 19:30 spun out of control 19:52 a snow spiral 20:58 I am too busy staying alive to have my own thoughts, getting used to the stillness. 08:39 Completely white 08:50 Insides freezing, shivering 09:19 Warmth is life, fire is life 09:30 fucking perfection 10:15 I was stuck in beauty so tragic. I am alive, conscious. 10:25 Maybe I’ve felt too much that now there’s nothing left to feel 15:37 Snowblind 17:10 A proposal, stream splits apart, joins back together. 17:20 A confluence 17:40 10am Gare du Nord 20:45 Have yourself a merry little Christmas in the dark, a little more alone, the need to share a holiday with somebody 20:56  the same mistakes, sparkling, Florence 23:04 unique memories, separate and different. Mother, Rainbows, Cassiopeia. 23:46 Slow and steady 23:57 Trouble weighs a ton 06:19 I am at the edge of the world. 06:26 does it ever stop? The reason for dreams. 08:07 I forget them the moment I open my eyes 12:58 I climbed up a cave, sanctuary, safety. I could nest here. 13:13 Ran out of film, Take it all in, maybe. 14:17 dead fish, like the dead sea, beached and still 14:44 the breaks are broken 17:38 Look up and you are surrounded by greatness 17:55 All the people we will never know and never meet. The Process of Movement 19:42 verisimilitude, An ephemeral form of myself / An Empty Car / A drag of a cigarette / Towards the glacial silence / Nothing but noise neath your ground 22:42 pain bothers me, rain, nothing good lasts. 23:57 there it goes into the mud 00:35 I miss everybody, even the virtual embodiments. what will happen? 00:46 This glacial silence / engulfs me / the ash beneath my feet / moves as I move / shifting away from my / thunderous step / I walked a little bit further / to find out if the silence stays / the nearer I get / the smaller I feel / for I am frozen / in my position / Unable to comprehend / that deafening / uncompromising / tone of silence / ringing in my ears. 09:11 Change of plans 11:00 Hydroplane 12:10 No Witnesses 12:35 the landscape engulfs me, nature build up walls and ridges 12:45 I burn up in your atmosphere 12:48 hydroplane 13:35 mountains opened up 19:35 – ice is getting thinner beneath me and you 20:10 stay there 20:53 they disappear forever 22:00 just darkness to keep me company 22:30 I fell in love with you while you were asleep, it never existed 23:00 Sparkling, in the depths 23:37 Aurora 23:51 Before the light storm fades 02:04 cheating 10:20 81725 miles 13:05 one day 14:40 in a sentimental mood 15:00 off balance 16:10 people who don’t exist, never happened 17:49 hole 18:11 day one 19:04 Into the mystic 20:06 we have different lives, apart from each other, spinning on 20:20 Daydreaming. What drives this solitude? Beautiful and tragic, what if the silence becomes too much? 20:27 3847 for entry 20:37 blizzard, I was lucky 21:30 purpose, hibernate, thaw 22:46 translation 00:12 Snow 08:52 are you happy? A fight, some magic 08:53 Subconscious, buried 09:03 Prior knowledge, artifice of me 10:25 “Your eyes betray what burns inside you” 13:35 unequivocally in love with you 14:37 beautiful 15:02 Epilogue, on repeat 15:34 FUCK!! 17:30 Impassable 18:48 slopes 21:10 endless stares 21:47 a river of mercury 08:46 66-degree north. The Process of Power 10:52 I took my time 10:55 have I found the answers / what do I expect / distant memory / never-slowing / passing of time / suppressed / distractions / space to breathe / freedom to feel / to be whole / fairness / I have lost / infatuation / finding my place / before the world stops me / glory / empty vessel / we carry so much with so little / we struggle / we are lost / we may never find the way / to exist / through beauty / through passion   / through love / less fragmented / mend it with gold / appreciate the cracks / sealing the phenomena. 12:50 man-made 12:52 ocean is silent; the birds are not afraid 12:55 Fresh snow 13:05 avalanche wall 17:31 forever. The process of Balance 17:38 I’ve had enough; detrimental / escapism / momentarily / temporalities / I could never live like this 17:44 7 fucking days 17:55 unapologetic / embodied the man in the diary / I should’ve known he dies / eventually / insanity 20:24 broken 21:00 unapologetic landscape / beaten by rain / cold biting into my bones / welcoming the temporalities / beauty at this magnitude can break me. 13:27 broken down, the storm before the storm 17:30 all that you have are words 18:22 I am so sick of the road, the never ending roads 23:10 I lay here thinking about my regrets 17:50 somehow you just linger at the corner of my mind 05:26 impression, curtains drawn 16:37 you are not wrong to be obsessed 14:47 it is quite young in the context of the world 16:25 voyager 16:41 I could cry 08:15 we are troubled by the emptiness 11:04 85470 miles 15:57 – Vastness

22:30 it almost feels like I never left at all.

The world is rather always, someplace else.