[4x5 / 35mm]

This project began with a contemplation on my part with a yearning to situate myself within my own work in a performative aspect. I was influenced by the performances of Tehching Hsieh, who undertook a series of One-Year performances ranging from different ordeals he put himself through, claiming the art is done in his mental state. I wanted to explore the effects of being isolated from technology and the internet and how it may affect my creativity and thoughts of existence. I threw myself into a world of ethereal landscapes devoid of any intentions aside from my own.

On this two-week journey circumventing the entire perimeter of Iceland, while sleeping in my car, I have successfully cut myself off from any outside communication shifting all my focus into the act of taking photographs with my 5x4 camera and a Super 8 film camera, all the while noting down every aspect of my journey in a diary log. It consists of every thought, every song that triggered an emotion, every escape from death, every joy and every sadness I felt along the way. In the sparse landscape, alone, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was running away from something and more importantly I was looking for something else. Both suffer in the silence of the mystery.

Through photography I was able to seek and experience the phenomena of the sublime. The search and journey I’ve undertook became highly therapeutic in the process of making work. The word Sublime, throughout history has been an expression for the unknowable. It is many things ranging from being a judgement, to a feeling or a state of mind perhaps even beyond the reach of human understanding, but it had always been associated to a kind of response to art or nature. Artists have to be willing to go out there, deep into reality, in order to bring the thing back whole.